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Fayetteville is the historic county seat of Fayette County in Georgia that boasts of a friendly and progressive community that is committed to maintain a high quality of life for all residents.

The city, situated 22 kilometers from Atlanta, started as a little Agricultural town but is now known for its historic appeal, community events and outstanding medical facilities.

Fayetteville is a superb location to live, work and play. It

NerdWallet, a customer advocacy website, also picked Fayetteville in 2013 as one of the Best Towns in Georgia for Young Families and is recorded as among the Top Atlanta Founded in 2012 by Newcomer Magazine.

In 2012, Fayetteville received national recognition after Being included in Forbes Magazine's Best 10 Suburbs for Retirement.

Living in Fayetteville is definitely fun and comfortable. If you love the greens, then you can always stroll inside the Prime Community Park, which can be known as as the Secret Garden.

Thomason and Alfred and Jolene Dingler who opened their gardens with no charge for other people to enjoy.

The Garden was created with Only a simple appetite, first Was "the way to be outside during the company day" but later changed to "how can we share this beautiful oasis with others." To put it simply, the Garden is conceived to create a unique place for the community to enjoy a tranquil respite. Plus it has since become a ideal place for kids to play or have a picnic and family bonding.

Paths and revel in a vibrant ensemble of hand-selected flowers and shrubs which change each season. You would definitely feel refreshed and inspired once you get to experience what nature offers at the Secret Garden.

The Secret Garden joins to the Episcopal Church of this Nativity where you could have a stroll at the various paths surrounding the church. Or you can stick to the mile-long, winding path that leads to the middle of their new labyrinth.

The Prime Community Park, which is owned and operated by 177 College St. LLC, is open seven days per week from 8:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m..

So whether You're in Fayetteville for a holiday or Thinking about moving your company or family to the city, you're assured that You will surely have a good time mingling with the natives while enjoying What the city has to offer.

Fayetteville, GA

Fayetteville is A town in Georgia and the county chair of Fayette County in the USA, located 22 miles south west of downtown Atlanta.

Launched on March 28, 1823, Fayetteville, along with Fayette County, is named after Marquis De Lafayette, a French nobleman who aided Washington during the Revolutionary War.

City" with a "neat" two-story brick courthouse, Fayetteville had grown considerably from the time it had been created, with merely a few historical structures, to a bustling and booming city at the moment.

Buildings and structures which were built as early as the 1800s. The Fayette County Courthouse, constructed in 1825, is the oldest surviving courthouse in the state of Georgia. It's located in the center of this Fayetteville town square.

The Holliday-Dorsey-Fife House is another historical building In Fayetteville, constructed in 1855. It is presently being operated as a house museum named as Holliday Dorsey Fife Museum after its owner, John Stiles Holliday.

Fayetteville is also the House of Margaret Mitchell Library, which was built in 1948. The library holds Civil War and genealogical here documents and now serves as the headquarters of the Fayette County Historical Society.

Back in 1996, Fayetteville received its designation as a Main Street City and recovery of the city's historic streetscape started to maintain what's left of the previous structures.

With the city's growth, new buildings and businesses Started to thrive in Fayetteville. The city today boasts of the Southern Ground Amphitheater, a 55-foot stage with natural-grass plus a tiered seating that accommodates 1,500 people.

Amphitheater is the venue for summer concert series, free concerts and completely free family film nights beneath the stars. It is also available for lease to non-profit groups.

There's also the Pinewood Atlanta Studios, which opened

Pinewood Atlanta Studios is the biggest film and Television production studio at the United States beyond the state of California.

If you are looking for pleasure in Fayetteville, the Fun Junction USA is the place to go.

Fun Junction USA is south Atlanta's largest household It provides over two dozen family attractions, thrill rides, three mini-golf courses, fast-paced go cart paths and pleasure for the whole family. One of its attractions include Drop Zone, Giant Swing, Screaming Eagle, Spider, Road Course, Junior Track, Mini Golf and Banana Squadron.

Fun Junction USA is different to observe people, create fun And create memories while staying in Fayetteville, a city in which people like to Live, work and play in the exact same time.

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